WELCOME! (October 2017)

I have an initial pilot experiment which very tentatively supports that electric currents may possibly be condensed from orgone. See here for video outline. Please fully familiarise with Reich's work or get advice from an experienced orgone researcher before attempting to repeat this set up.

My essay on the Y FACTOR, the secret component of Reich's ORGONE MOTOR - see Essays or link here is still relaitvely new. I would also highly recommend three new articles on the Orgone Motor by the Italian researcher Maglione (the 3rd part has not been published yet). See the first in the series published by the Journal of Psychiatric Orgone Therapy here - http://www.psychorgone.com/orgone-biophysics/electric-currents-in-orgone-devices

and the second here


I have been working on an extended paper, The Implications of Orgone for Consciousness Research in two parts. Firstly a critique of previous consciousness theories including Reich's. The second examines the practical implications of my orgonotic theory of consciousness, which I call the Orgone Continuum and classify as 'orgonotic pan-psychism'. Treating orgone as 'conscious-in-itself' could have many technological implications for computing and information technology. The article is awaiting publishing currently.









1. 'Spirit' means physical consciousness. I now use the term, 'ORGONE-CONSCIOUSNESS'

2. I believe 'ORGONE-CONSCIOUSNESS' may morph into what Wilhelm Reich knew as 'ORGONE-ENERGY'.

3. Orgone energy spirals and condenses into 'ORGONE-MATTER' (MATTER).