WELCOME! (December 2017)

The third part of three papers on electric currents in orgone accumulators (ORACs) has been published by The Journal of Psychiatric Orgone Therapy - http://www.psychorgone.com

The Italian researchers Maglione and Ferrari complete the third and final part of their groundbreaking series on electric currents in ORACs. This is the first work in this important area since 1947. It shows that ORACs may possess an electrical conversion.  http:// www.psychorgone.com/orgone-biophysics/electric-currents-in-orgone-devices-3 

I have a new article, the second part in a series on Reich's secret Y Factor, the undisclosed principle behind Reich's orgone motor. Y Factor Part 2 .This article has just been updated (27/11/17) with three new short sections on Magnetism, The Cosmic Joke and The Seven Principles of the Reich Orgone Motor.

Work continues on examining an electrical capacitance effect in ORACs. The orgone and consciousness preliminary experimental set up continues too.

The website has been tidied up, essays on Good and Evil and BioEconomics edited a little. The Good and Evil essay has been updated again (27/11/17) to reflect my changing understanding of oranur being a creative force as well as a destructive one, depending on how, and in what quantities it is used. Also my understanding of the relationship between Freud and Reich's view is changing and the essay has been modified slightly to reflect this. I am planning a seperate, 'Reconciliation of Freud and Reich' article sometime soon.










1. 'Spirit' means physical consciousness. I now use the term, 'ORGONE-CONSCIOUSNESS'

2. I believe 'ORGONE-CONSCIOUSNESS' may morph into what Wilhelm Reich knew as 'ORGONE-ENERGY'.

3. Orgone energy spirals and condenses into 'ORGONE-MATTER' (MATTER).