WELCOME! May 2018.

The first experimental paper on oranur to be published in the orgone journals since Reich's in 1951 was published by Journal of Psychiatric Orgone Therapy - Oranur Article

My first orgone consciousness prototype has been finished, a new class of orgone device, ORIN or ORgone INformation systems. Video

An article on The Primacy of Consciousness with evidence that Reich was shifting toward my own view of consciousness has been published on this website this Spring. 'Wilhelm Reich, Freud and The Primacy of Consciousness' - it examines how Reich's view on ETs and the creation of DOR may have influenced him to begin to change his views on consciousness. Also it reconciles the Freudian and Reichian perspectives on Eros and Thanatos, OR and DOR and describes how Reich thought that deserts were created. It also suggests a new positive conception of Descartes.

My main papers on orgone and consciousness were published by The Journal of Psychiatric Orgone Therapy late last year. The first paper examines the main theories of consciousness and outlines what Reich actually thought in this area. It is also a critique of orgonomic thinking on consciousness. The second paper continues to examine what the technological implications of orgone in artificial intelligence research might be.
















1. Physical consciousness, what can be termed, ORGONE CONSCIOUSNESS.

2. ORGONE CONSCIOUSNESS segues into what Reich knew as ORGONE ENERGY.

3. Orgone energy condenses into ORGONE MATTER.