The Triad of Reality – Where Life-energy and Consciousness Theories Intersect.

I have long tried to reconcile the life-energy or orgone theories of Reich with a theory of consciousness. Orgone energy or life-energy has been verified physically and repeatedly over the last 70 years (see my orgone biblio, here at scribd or here at smashwords).

Orgone energy as defined by Reich appears to me to satisfactorily underlie physical reality and much, if not all of biology. However, as it stands presently it does not explain non-local, ESP, telepathy, timelessness, apparent multi-dimensionality, spiritual phenomena and so on very well. As most  researchers acknowledge it is difficult to comprehend reality in terms of a ‘matter versus spirit’ duality or even in terms of an ‘energy versus spirit’ duality – something appears to be missing.

Some orgone researchers attempt to see the universe purely in terms of energy – to discount a ‘spirit’ element altogether, and again this does not work either. One cannot explain non-local phenomena purely in terms of energy. I will explain why I think so later. Reich himself is ambiguous in this area. At some points he would imply that orgone was 'conscious-in-itself' in which case a self-conscious orgone (if it is considered massless) would essentially be indistinguisable from a physical 'spirit'. On the other hand he also took the typical dualistic position that consciousness arises as a consequence of the action of something else (an epiphenomenom). Normally materialist scientists say consciousness is an upshot of matter-related, energy movements. This is a position which few people find satisfactory if given any thought. In Reich's dualism this is updated to say consciousness arises from the movement of life-energy within a membrane (I call this view within orgonomy the 'super-materialist' view of consciousness). Orgonomy's dualism may be closer to the truth but it still fails to explain consciousness. So in a nutshell Reich left two aspects of orgone and consciousness open:

Is orgone conscious in itself?

Does orgone have a completely non-mass, non-material aspect?

Consciousness does not appear to be completely bound by time or space (see here for evidence summaries). Therefore consciousness cannot be explained by energy movements (energy/movement is bound within time). So non-locality, timelessness and consciousness itself are beyond life-energy theories.

Reich's last books, ‘On Poems and Prayers’ and ‘Creation’ which were written when he was wrongly imprisoned, may well have addressed the issue of consciousness and orgone, especially considering their titles, but sadly they were stolen. 

Incidentally, I don’t feel quantum physics explains non-local phenomena satisfactorily either – despite popular claims to the contrary. Quantum physics tends to be quite theory heavy and its actual experiments can be seen in other terms such as from life-energy perspectives. However quantum physics has brought a general acceptance of non-locality to the fore.

Anyway, back to the theme of this essay – the nature of reality in terms of life-energy and consciousness…

The duality view feels instinctively problematic to many people. This may well be because reality perhaps does not function as a duality and people are aware of this, if even on a subconscious level. The problems of dualistic thought are well known in science. No-one for centuries has offered a workable solution of the problems of dualism. For example, how does spirit/mind and dead matter actually communicate if they are fundamentally different and separate? If mind and body are so unlike how do they then communicate? Descartes, the father of modern dualism, offered his solutions but they were not widely accepted and no-one has improved on that position since.

Perhaps reality has not two but three main levels of functioning. These three levels could smoothly integrate living matter, life-energy and a consciousness into one single continuum as I shall argue later. It is almost impossible to comprehend reality in dualistic terms. Maybe reality could better be understood as a triad. Interestingly, it was only since the 17th century that dualism came into fashion. Before then the view in the West was of a triad, spirit, soul and living matter. This triad was reduced to living spirit and dead matter and then secularised to living mind and dead matter. Dualism is a false simplification. One can of course understand the universe as an infinite, singular and indivisible entity - monism. However, to understand phenomena more exactly it is apparent that this single, physical entity functions in various distinct ways. So although this thesis draws on monism, that perspective alone is not enough to explain reality. In addition, each level of functioning is transcended by the next.

I take it for granted that people reject the well-funded, centuries old but completely failed materialist view of the universe. See ‘The Science Delusion’ by Sheldrake for more on the complete failure of materialism to explain reality. Materialism as a philosophy is utterly appalling. It also doesn’t square with observations.

Physical reality appears to be solid but is often now thought to be just a web of energy. This is the level of reality we think of as atomic structure, electrical impulses and as matter. Of course, we now understand that matter as we know it is not made of solid, discrete units but is actually a field with various properties including that of matter-like phenomena. Reality appears to have another physical aspect below, or transcending that level of functioning however. This level is only just being touched upon now by mainstream science…

There is good evidence for an ‘analogue’ aspect underneath the atomic or 'digital' level of matter. This is the life-energy field, the qi, orgone, cosmic aether, zero point or dark energy. This is an energy field which physically exists (scientifically speaking). This energy exerts a direct effect on physical reality. I am familiar with a background cosmic energy due to the following observations (there are many others not listed here, these are just the ones I am aware of due to my study of Wilhelm Reich's orgonomy or life-energy science):

This subtle energy field can be concentrated using metal and non-conducting materials layered per Wilhelm Reich’s design. Within this energy ‘battery’ there is a slightly higher air temperature than the ambient surrounds – this has been shown beyond reasonable doubt by Demeo and other scientists – thus contravening one of the misguided ‘constants’ of physics – the second law of thermodynamics. This ‘law’ states heat always flows from greater to lesser unless energy is expended. This law was expanded to support an ‘entropic’ universe – the universe as a great machine which is always winding down. This put physics in eternal conflict with biology (and common sense).

Evidence that orgone accumulators gather heat with no known power source: ( also (see page 228 of my biblio there is a synopsis section on orgone experiments containing most of the To-T studies – ‘Temp Orgone versus Temp control’ - since about 1960 at Scribd or Smashwords)

This analogue, sub-matter, pre-atomic energy exerts effects on water concentration in the atmosphere and thus upon the weather. This pre-atomic energy is strongly attracted to water. It is also affected by certain geometric shapes including the tube. By placing metal tubes into flowing water and pointing them at the sky concentrations of the energy in the atmosphere can be affected (through energetic attraction) thereby affecting the weather. It can either break up clouds (by pointing the tubes at the cloud centre) or accumulate clouds (by pointing the tubes nearby to a cloud). There are currents of this energy in the atmosphere and in space. The effects of cloudbusters have been shown beyond reasonable doubt I believe by the many documented, peer-reviewed articles and academic papers on cloudbusting (Cloudbuster section pp207 Scribd or Smashwords).

The US/UK military knows full well that cloudbusters work. This is why the US government intervened (through an intermediary office) to prevent Demeo’s PhD on cloudbusters going ahead (warning Kansas University). Demeo’s prior MSc paper provided strong evidence that cloudbusters work. There are literally hundreds of academic papers supporting the functioning of cloudbusters many of them written by people holding MScs and PhDs. This is not a crackpot science and our militaries know this.

This energy also has a direct effect on organisms, plants and animals and again this has been proved beyond reasonable doubt in many fields including that of orgonomy (the study of the life-energy termed orgone by Wilhelm Reich) - see here (Experimental orgone studies section pp228 of my biblio).

This energy also affects electro-magnetism, it subdues electrical fields, hence the ‘ghosts’ on X-Rays, the Kirlian effect (which is likely a displacement of electrons by subtle energy) and the suppression of electrical fields by UFOs. UFOs most likely mainly run on life-energy judging by their movements – silent and very fast with sudden changes in direction (the orgone motor was reported to run cold, be silent and change direction suddenly). This also is why paranormal happenings often affect electrical equipment (not that paranormal energy is itself electrical). A life-energy meter is available from which works through the electrical suppression effect of this energy. One can measure the life-energy vitality of goods and organisms.

This energy also interacts negatively with nuclear forces (at least initially). A positive force called ORUR (orgonised uranium) is eventually created although the initial stages can be dangerous.

It should be noted that many paranormal phenomena are not actually electrical in themselves - they just have effects upon electricity. Life-energy is not electrical – it affects electricity. A human body uses and produces electrical energy but only in minute amounts compared to machines – an organism’s main energy is non-electrical life-energy.

* Electricity is fast, life-energy is normally slow.

* Electricity usually behaves mechanically, life-energy behaves in a way that reminds one of an organism.

* Electricity damages DNA when in the form of microwaves, life-energy is beneficial to cells and DNA.

* Electricity is usually harmful to organisms in quantity, life-energy is beneficial.

* Life-energy has a life of its own - it is creative, moving, warming and gives rise to organisms, electricity does none of these things.

The two energies are actually antagonistic – which is why some people can shut down machines just by being near them. Usually however this antagonism works the other way around – hence office-induced electrical sickness, or EMF sensitivity. High concentrations of life-energy or qi can also act like a subtle liquid field dampening down electrical circuits and temporarily causing them to malfunction. 

However it does not end there, there is a third aspect to reality. Experiments have shown that reality has completely non-local aspects. It can act beyond boundaries of space and indeed of time. See 'The Field' by Lynne McTaggert for a good overview in this area of research. We can say therefore that there is an aspect of reality which is completely beyond vibration and thus beyond movement and therefore beyond energy. Energy implies movement and change. Something, or some consciousness, which is everywhere instantly has not achieved that through an exchange of energy (because energy is movement and movement takes place within time). Completely instantaneous phenomena are not mediated, caused or bound within 'time' - they are without movement and thus without energy. They are altogether beyond the concept of energy yet they appear to be physically very real.

To deny that there are non-local phenomena one would have to dismiss mounting scientific data on the physical effects of consciousness. For example, the Random Event Generating machines that can have their randomness displaced by consciousness. This effect occurs both within and outside of 'time'. See McTaggert’s ‘The Field’ for more on this. The quantum physics double-slit experiments are also thought to support the existence of non-locality.

So this third, non-local level of reality can only be spiritual in the sense that it is entirely beyond energy. But can a spiritual aspect of reality still be physical? Yes, because physicality itself is merely commonly perceived, lawful perceptions. I see a brick. It has the qualities of redness, hardness and squareness - you perceive similar qualities. We share the lawful experience of the red brick which continues in time. Therefore it is a physical reality of some sort. An aspect of reality could be both spiritual (completely non-material, non-mass) and physical (having commonly perceived, lawful or continuing qualities). People often confuse physical and material - they are not the same thing. So if a purely spiritual phenomenon is shared and has common, abiding or continuing qualities (lawfulness) then the phenomena is physical I believe.

So if we put this information into three levels of reality. We have:

Level 3: A material, digital, universe where point-like ‘matter’ is created out of an underlying analogue field (from Level 2). Level 3 is the arena of the material universe. We share a common, lawful experience of a matter-based reality. However, its laws can be transcended when the underlying charge of the creative 'analogue' life-energy field is strong enough. Also spiritual phenomena can transcend this level too (Level 1). We have UFOs disregarding our current somewhat backward laws of physics (using Level 2 dynamics), or we have well-documented paranormal phenomena (Level 1 dynamics) both of which demonstrate material reality to be malleable and transcendent by deeper realities.

Many physicists see matter (Level 3) essentially as a dance of energy, or as a Level 2 phenomenon (though most do not recognise the existence of a life-energy yet).

Level 2: Next, we have the underlying analogue energy, the orgone, qi, dark-matter, the cosmic aether, the zero point energy. This is a physically real cosmic energy with measurable physical effects. It is not made from matter or from particles but can give rise to both. It is not electrical. It exists throughout the cosmos. Do not be fooled into believing that this energy, called aether by the Victorians does not exist - it does and the Michelson and Morley experiment that 'disproved' the related concept of cosmic aether in the last century was bogus and misrepresented. See here for more information on that aspect

It should also be known that the related concept of physical 'constants' is also false. Mainstream science is covering up the fact that light-speed measurements vary by significant margins for instance. The consensus, averaged speed is presented as set in stone for all etsrnity - this is simply untrue.

This qi or orgone, at this level is still an energy – it moves, it can have slight mass. This is the level of life-energy or ‘qi’ in its more matter-like state (slight-mass). This energy can also cause organisms to arise (see Reich's Experiment XX or experiments on bions in my biblio). This energy has increasing degrees of slight mass. In fact qi or orgone energy is a continuum from near zero-mass to slight-mass. It is a creative sea of energy that can form matter and life-forms. It probably is the dark energy that forms most of the universe.

Level 1: Qi or orgone also has a point at the opposite end of its spectrum to matter. This is where it ceases to be an energy altogether and becomes purely a force-field. There is the point where it has no mass but remains physical and certainly conscious. Now it is spiritual though still physical. This is why I have stopped using the general term orgone energy and now refer to orgone as a force.

So now we have another state completing our triad, a consciousness force-field. It would still be physical (it has to be physical in order to interact with what we term physical). Either that or what we term 'matter' is actually spiritual in nature (I will come to this point again later). This conscious force-field is not an energy as it is everywhere and everytime.

So we have three levels of reality: matter, life-energy and a consciousness force.

But some argue that all physical reality is just an illusion. Is this true? The word 'real' has both an everyday meaning and a special meaning. Usually we mean that something is real if it has continuity in daily life but if we mean something is ultimately real we mean it is unchanging and transcendent.

Maybe it is more useful to say we have three levels of functioning and that each level is transcended by the one below it. The Material realm (Level 3) is a reality but it is transcended by an energetic reality. An energetic realm (Level 2) is also a reality but again it is transcended by a timeless and spaceless consciousness (Level 1). This is perhaps why Buddhism refers to the universe we perceive as merely the 'phenomenal world' and doesn't enter into discussion of its practical 'reality'. Whether we choose to call it ultimately 'real' or not, it is still a shared and abiding phenomena. As has been said, if material reality is an illusion it’s a remarkably persistent one! But is 'material' reality, real in itself? Perhaps not, as it relies upon another deeper energetic reality for its existence. There are no solid objects that exist separately. As we can note, material or 'digital' reality depends for its existence on an underlying 'analogue' energy, the qi or orgone of the universe. Matter arises from this energy. But matter itself is not solid, with a suitable level of charge one might be able to walk through so-called solid walls. So we could say that matter in itself is a real experience but like a game it can be transcended, one can step outside its boundaries by using the underlying cosmic energy. This is why UFOs can bend the 'laws' of physics – they are using the underlying cosmic energy from which matter arises – these ships transcend the limitations of matter-based propulsion. 

So if the temporary manifestations we call matter are just the outer level of reality is the energy force underlying that level then ultimately real? Again even this energy-field can be transcended. I would like to say that qi or orgone is the ultimate reality as I have spent many years devoted to its study. However if we can show that consciousness can be everywhere instantly and can transcend time, as I believe it can, then I may not be able to hold on to my beliefs without change. Life-energy can be transcended through the consciousness field. As we have stated previously there is a level of reality beyond anything which can be termed 'energy'. Energy implies movement and a consciousness field beyond time and space would transcend movement and thus energy. So can one have a physical field which is beyond movement and energy? Can we have a field whose only characteristic is a physical consciousness? The term field implies a spatial area with certain characteristics. This ultimate entity would not be limited to a specific spatial manifestation or any defined characteristic apart from consciousness. So perhaps consciousness cannot be described as a field. But then again, consciousness has continuing qualities or characteristics. My sense of myself and of this universe is lawful and abiding. Therefore consciousness can be classed as physical in that it has lawful, commonly perceived behaviour. Therefore consciousness is a physical field.

So have come full circle - the nature of the universe is ultimately pure consciousness however because consciousness itself behaves lawfully and in an abiding fashion one can say that consciousness is physical: it has lawful abiding qualities.

Therefore the fundamental nature of the universe is a conscious, non-mass, physical, force field, the 'spiritverse' perhaps.

This physical but non-material force-field can manifest two furthers levels of reality which appear as life-energy and then as matter. Although these levels can be transcended by consciousness they are not mere illusion. A game or a virtual reality has a beginning and an end, a creator and participants. Material and energetic reality has no provable beginning or ending and therefore is unlike a virtual reality to at least some degree as these levels of reality are natural and eternal functions of the universe as far as I know. The Big Bang theory is really a religious theory and has been weakened by inconsistencies in the red shift effect and in the disparate ages of closely connected galaxies, perhaps also by surprising carbon dating results of very old rocks, say moon rocks for example.

If the universe is eternal then material and energetic realities, and indeed ourselves, have no need of a creator or a beginning. Personally I believe there is a God-like consciousness/entity which includes all other 'entities'. Atheism does not make sense to me in a conscious universe. I don’t believe this ‘super-entity’ created the universe, us, or even itself (though I may be wrong of course). As far as I can tell presently, there is no need for an initial creation act (even if the universe pulses between states of being). There is no need to think in linear patterns I would argue. 

These three levels of reality are not strictly compartmentalised. There are borderline areas between matter-based phenomena (Level 3) and life-energy based phenomena (Level 2). For example low frequencies of electricity (Level 3 phenomenon) can enhance or subdue life-energy (Level 2 phenomenon). There are probably borderline areas between life-energy (Level 2) and life-force (Level 1). Life-force is itself a continuum between a pure consciousness field at one end of the scale to having slight mass at the other end of the scale. The Chinese have argued for centuries that qi is a continuum. The Hawaiian Kahuna on the other hand split it into two, a more physical and a more mental form of life-force (though I am sure recognising its singular source). At the consciousness end, orgone or qi is a force and at the matter end it is an energy.

So in a nutshell - the three levels of reality:

Level 3 – Tertiary Reality - DIGITAL - matter - electrical

Level 2 – Secondary Reality - ANALOGUE - life-energy - matter creative - organism creative

Level 1 – Primary Reality - SPIRITUAL - life-force - abiding sense of self – pure consciousness

So, have we settled on exactly what the ultimate nature of reality is within this framework?

By 'real', we usually mean that something has certain qualities. When we say the material universe is real we mean that it has continuing qualities in time, a stone does not suddenly change into a chair for example. Materials and bodies have certain continuing qualities that are shared by a number of observers. But no objects exist of themselves (there is but one indivisible field) and there are no ultimate particles (if someone claims to have found an ultimate particle examine whether their evidence can be used to support a purely energetic phenomena - many scientists are liberal with their interpretations). Someone, somewhere has transcended every material 'law' that we care to invent, none of the ‘constants’ of physics are fundamental – that is just a myth sold to keep us stupid (see Sheldrakes ‘Science Delusion’ or Demeo’s work on Miller’s variable light speed - Even a dream has certain continuing qualities (such as a perceiving entity, emotion or setting). If two or more people shared a dream, then that dream might start to function in a similar way to material reality. In other words it could start to become physical (having shared, abiding qualities, or strictly speaking, 'more physical').

As has been observed by Buddhism one cannot even be sure that one's own ego-self exists. The popular adage, 'I think therefore I am' is not really true. There are perceptions, there is consciousness, that is all we really know. Sure, we may be able to discern patterns and functions and describe them for a while - but beyond the existence of consciousness all else is really conjecture (including this).We can however make a few observations regarding how this consciousness functions. As orgonomy acknowledges all actual knowledge is really just a perception of functioning.

So, to return to our exploration, one cannot have consciousness without being aware of 'something'. A 'something' is an environment effectively. Therefore consciousness implies an environment. So, we can call one aspect of consciousness the 'environment' and it has abiding, lawful qualities. The subjective aspect of consciousness, the perceiving entity, also has awareness of abiding qualities, its sense of 'being-ness' which is also consistent and lawful. Anything which has consistent or lawful qualities from more than one apparent perspective can be called 'physical' I believe. Therefore consciousness, in both its aspects (perceiving and environment) is physical. Because consciousness implies an environment it is also a field. Because matter and energy are transcended by level 1-consciousness/life-force, the ultimate nature of this physical field is closest to 'spirit'.

The ultimate nature of reality could therefore be called a physical spirit, a 'spirit-field' perhaps - a physical, undivided consciousness entity. This spirit-field can manifest two further levels of existence - energetic and material realities. I would also use the term 'life-force' as synonymous with 'spirit-field' but with the more exact meaning of a spirit-field which automatically manifests and includes the two further realities of life-energy and matter. The view that as this spirit-field can transcend the other realities it also includes them has some implications that we will explore at the end of this essay.

So, how would this view affect every-day life? Firstly, it would give most consideration to consciousness, somewhat less to energy manifestations and the least toward material effects in our reality. This is a view many people are gravitating towards anyway it seems. It would also mean we would need to understand a phenomenon from three viewpoints simultaneously. For example with DNA we would understand it at Level 3, tertiary/material reality, as a coding process for proteins. At Level 2, energy/secondary reality, we would understand DNA as a communication system between cells that is involved in the genesis of organisms. At Level 1, life-force/primary reality, we could understand DNA as a gateway for morphogenetic fields (organism shaping spiritual force-fields-see Sheldrake/morphogenesis for more on this). Anything we care to mention would need understanding on these three levels at once.

Would this suggestion that we have a tripartite reality issuing from a singular source be testable? I believe orgonomy and other life-energy sciences have already established beyond reasonable doubt that a cosmic life-energy exists (Level 2) which gives rise to material reality (Level 3). So it would only be left to investigate the relationship between Level 1 and Level 2. Part of this might be to test if consciousness/spirit (Level 1) can directly affect life-energy (Level 2). Perhaps the effect of people directing their thoughts towards an orgone accumulator could be measured as a change in the ambient temperature within the accumulator (showing a change in orgone charge possibly). Perhaps orgone-charged vacuum tubes would show greater discharge rates when meditators direct consciousness toward them. Perhaps orgone concentrations might display aspects of consciousness or to increase 'consciousness' in organisms directly, although how this might be tested is not yet clear to me. Incidentally, this 'consciousness-boosting' effect I believe supports pyramids and other similar structures as being massive life-energy accumulators. If the people directing consciousness at the orgone devices were not in the vicinity of the devices suitable control measures could be established. Whether this effect is non-local could also be investigated.

As the three levels all communicate, they must be fundamentally the same – a monism with three levels of manifestation (otherwise communication between levels is impossible which would conflict with our observations). As Levels 3 (matter) and 2 (energy) can be transcended by Level 1 (spirit) – the primary reality – it can be argued that Level 1 is the basis of the functioning of Levels 2 and 3. This would make matter and energy spiritual – but physical – phenomena. Matter and energy would be variations of a physical, conscious spirit. In future, when I use the term life-force, or orgone or qi, I will be implying the whole continuum described here unless specifically stated.





It should be remembered also that I am not arguing that orgone is a non-material, spirit entity or that their is a void-like, nothingness beyond life-energy. Nothingness is an irrelevant concept like 'pure' consciousness - it simply cannot exist. What I am saying is that orgone is a physical continuum from a physical, non-mass, conscious spirit-field through to a slight-mass life-energy. This would be consistent with the Chinese view of qi. The other key point of my argument is that I am saying consciousness is physical. One could argue that my definition of physical is based upon consciousness. However, seeing as consciousness appears to transcend the other two levels (of life energy and matter) and is itself a physical field (in my view) I think it is reasonable to define Levels 3 and 2 from the point of view of Level 1.