Taught by my father, I have played piano most of my life.

I like neo-classical minimalist music with plenty of 'space' in it, Fabrizio Paterlini is my favourite musician. Also see here for Paterlini. I will be getting some of my own quiet, meditative piano music in a more polished form and online during 2015. In the meantime I have been recording some 'sketches' as I develop toward the music I want to make. I headed in this direction partly because of a rare dream when I heard ethereal music and partly because an old friend from Nottingham, Rick, suggested to make music with as little notes in it as possible....I like recording in atmospheric, dim lighting and whilst recording these rough workings out I have found that some moving orbs have been picked up by the camera. The piano came from an old house which was known to be haunted.

haunted piano

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